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Innovative and proven AI solutions to make your company grow

Your reliable, flexible and responsive partner for the development of AI solutions to improve your business efficiency and performance.

Innovative and Tailor Made Solutions

We build customized and flexible solutions based on your business. We assess your needs and identify your opportunities to improve your products or to increase the efficiency of your company.

  • Industrial Machine & Process Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • CRM and Strategic Marketing
  • Computer Vision and Advanced Image Analysis
  • Text – to – Knowledge

Why Choosing Us?

Deep know-how

We strive for scientific and technical excellence. Our scientific and technical leadership is ranked the best 2% scientist worldwide (2021 Stanford ranking). Our team is carefully selected among the top performers in the industry with extra-tight selection criteria

Tangible high quality results on ROI

We boost your ROI by optimizing your processes and business performances, thanks to our easy-to-use and maintainable AI solutions

Knowledge transfer

We build together and deliver to your team the necessary know how to deploy and maintain your AI solution

Partners that trust us to boost their ROI

Case histories

Successful projects and results that evolve companies


Machine optimization

Industrial machine and Process optimization

ProblemThe parameterisation time of a laser could be a real challenge for companies due to the type of material used to process and cut.
ActionArtificialy has developed an AI-based calibration system that sets parameters based on classifications of pre-printed test pieces.
TechnologySelf learning parameters dramatically reduce production setup time and remove bottlenecks in shop floor.
ResultsIt drastically reduce laser calibration time (-80%) and independence from a skilled person, with a 20% increase in ROI.

Automatic message dispatching

Text to knowledge

ProblemYour customers always demand fast and effective resolution of their requests, not being able to meet their needs is one of the biggest threats to your business and customer care.
ActionArtificialy addresses this challenge by designing and developing an automated mail sorting system that can interpret customer requests to the appropriate office.
TechnologyUsing state-of-the-art nip and machine learining techniques that exploit established linguistic theories, it improves customer service efficiency while keeping the end customer satisfied.
ResultsIt reduces unproductive work by 90% and improves 50% sending accuracy.

Churn prevention and Revenue forecast

CRM and strategic marketing

ProblemAfter a great deal of effort, time and money invested in attracting customers to vour business, the minimal risk of losing them is always present, as they have managed to find what they need and what is most convenient.
ActionBy implementing the Churn system, you can quickly and easilv anticipate customer unsatisfaction.
TechnologyRetention policies are selectively applied to high-risk customers. Customer retention activities can be predicted with high accuracy enabling targeted marketing strategies.
Results90% effectiveness in targeting retention policies 99% efficiency in forecasting revenue per product.

Innovative and Online Conversation

Natural Language Chatbot

ProblemThe endless number of problems and questions from customers in using your products and services is a factor to always consider in your activities. The high costs to offer a service that is quick and easy, and provides the necessary support is one of the biggest problem.
ActionArtificialy provides automated solutions to customer problems through an easy interaction.
TechnologyNew chatbot solutions improve customer service and operations with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and deep support to meet customer demand at lower costs.
ResultsBy enabling interactions through Al processes using state-of-the-art tools, the user experience will be improved by providing support and adapting a natural interaction that allows the customer to be more direct in their requests.


Latest leading – edge technology to ensure unprecedent results


Flexible and expressive, neural networks are the workhorses of multiple AI fields


After a successful first in 2020, AICON - the leading Swiss AI conference - has taken place again on 7-8 June 2022 in Pfäffikon, Schwyz. Artificialy is proud to have supported AICON 2022 and to have presented some of his most intriguing case-histories.

  • We are a Swiss company born in 2020 with the purpose of pulling together excellent data scientist and engineers with a taste for making a difference in the real business world bringing AI in companies to solve problems.

  • The group is investing in digital and deep tech innovations, big data, artifical intelligence and connectivity to build a future we can trust.
    Trust is an essential part for societies to prosper with humans playing a central role in every critical decision.

  • Our high tech solutions and services help companies and organizations to achieve their goals with high success.

  • With an exciting and rewarding working environment we attract and retain the best talents.

Luca Maria Gambardella

Chief of Applied AI
Chief Technology Officer

Marco Zaffalon

Chief Scientist
Chief Operating Officer

Antonio Emilio Calegari


Alessio Benavoli

Senior scientist, AI expert in probabilistic artificial intelligence and machine learning

Daniele Wälti


Guglielmo Acabbi

Machine learning engineer with experience in natural language processing and understanding

David Alvarez Charris

Mechatronic engineer with a master degree with distinction in artificial intelligence from the University of Edinburgh

Damiano Binaghi

Deep Learning Engineer. He worked on autonomous driving algorithms, advanced image processing as well as deep reinforcement learning.

Stefano d’Apolito

Computational scientist with background in mathematical modelling, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence

Athos Fiori


Simone Surace

Data scientist with broad expertise in time series analysis and Bayesian statistics

Andrea Vanzo

Data Scientist. His expertise covers Natural Language Processing (NLP), Dialogue Modelling and Machine/Deep Learning.

Federico Magnolfi


Nicolas Maréchal

Business Development









Federico Zardi



We are looking for talents who like challenges as much as we do

  • NLP Scientist

    Identify and design innovative solutions using state-of-the-art neural models for NLP tasks


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