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Innovative and proven AI solutions to make your company grow


Tailor made solutions built on the most advanced technology


A method based on deep know-how and teamwork to reach your goal


  • The right AI technology, selected for your needs
  • Durable solutions boosting your ROI
  • Teaming up with you for the fastest results

Our clients

Partners that trust us to boost their ROI in several application areas

  • Industrial Machine & Process Optimization

    Modern numerical control machines (CNC) feature a high number of configuration parameters. Finding the right combination for each type of job is critical to maximize the desired output in terms of product quality, speed or efficiency. Our AI-based tools can automate parameter optimization so that even unskilled operators can make perfect runs.
    With similar tools you can optimize your production chain or automate your administrative or CRM processes, generating major time and resource savings.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Every piece of technology is subject to wear, sometimes in minutes, sometimes in years.
    We can assess the level of a part wear by a myriad of weak and apparently unrelated signals and predict when it will be the right time to replace or maintain the part.
    This can save you a lot of costly downtime while avoiding the wast of premature planned replacements.

  • CRM and Strategic Marketing

    Some of your customers are going to leave you and you can prevent it, some customers might be inclined to buy more. If only you'd know who!
    Some of them will show signs of their intentions while most won't. Still, their distant and recent past behaviour is rich in carefully hidden hints about your client future behaviour. Our AI-based algorythms can extract and tell you with high confidence who is going to do what.
    With this information, you can allocate your marketing budget or your salesforce time to the activity with the highest return and watch your revenues grow.

  • Computer Vision & Advanced Image Analysis

    How many people are there in this public swimming pool in this moment? Is the driver too tired? Is my plant producing high-quality parts or good-enough chemicals compounds? All these questions can have a fully automated answers with astonishingly high accuracy and low cost.

  • Text-to-Knowledge

    Most of the information available in our world is embedded in unstructured data: emails, invoices, proposals, articles, books, videos, images, voice recordings, noises, bank statements, ...
    Our AI-based tools can read, watch and listen for you amazingly vast amounts of sources and extract just the information you need.

Georg Fischer
Città di Lugano

Case histories

Successful projects and results that evolve companies


Machine optimization

Industrial machine and Process optimization

Self learning parameters dramatically reduce production setup time and remove bottlenecks in shop floor.

-80%Machine setup time
-100%Use of scarce expert resources

Automatic message dispatching

Text to knowledge

Incoming emails are interpreted automatically and forwarded to the right office for processing

+50%Improvement in dispatching accuracy
-90%Reduction in unproductive work

Churn prevention and Revenue forecast

CRM and strategic marketing

Retention policies are selectively applied to customers at high risk. Revenue per product can be forecast with high accuracy, allowing focused marketing strategies.

90%Effectiveness in targeting retention policies
99%Confidence in revenue forecast per product


AI applied to all industries to improve processes and accelerate growth


Flexible and expressive, neural networks are the workhorses of multiple AI fields


After a successful first in 2020, AICON - the leading Swiss AI conference - will take place again on 1-2 December 2021 in Pfäffikon, Schwyz.
Artificialy is proud to be supporting AICON 2021 and to present some of his most intriguing case-histories.


A team committed to make science work for your success

  • Artificialy was born in 2020 with the purpose of pulling together excellent data scientists and engineers with a taste for making a difference in the real business world

  • It all started with Luca and Marco bringing their 30-year experience in successfully delivering leading-edge AI to companies. Artificialy is now home to a large group of talents working on client AI projects, innovative products and new technologies.

  • We are committed to maintaining an exciting and rewarding working environment to attract and retain the best talents.

Luca Maria Gambardella

Chief of Applied AI
Chief Technology Officer

Marco Zaffalon

Chief Scientist
Chief Operating Officer

Antonio Emilio Calegari










Federico Zardi


Cassio de Campos

Senior scientist, AI expert in probabilistic graphical models and machine learning

Alessio Benavoli

Senior scientist, AI expert in probabilistic artificial intelligence and machine learning

Guglielmo Acabbi

Machine learning engineer with experience in natural language processing and understanding

David Alvarez Charris

Mechatronic engineer with a master degree with distinction in artificial intelligence from the University of Edinburgh

Damiano Binaghi

Deep Learning Engineer. He worked on autonomous driving algorithms, advanced image processing as well as deep reinforcement learning.

Stefano d’Apolito

Computational scientist with background in mathematical modelling, scientific computing, and artificial intelligence

Athos Fiori


Simone Surace

Data scientist with broad expertise in time series analysis and Bayesian statistics

Andrea Vanzo

Data Scientist. His expertise covers Natural Language Processing (NLP), Dialogue Modelling and Machine/Deep Learning.


We are looking for talents who like challenges as much as we do

  • Senior Business Development Manager

    Discuss and promote one of the most innovative AI company with a network of contacts and deliver a robust stream of innovation projects.

  • Marketing specialist

    Build and maintain the company brand presence with a focus on the digital space

  • Data Scientist

    Find the best approach to solving our partners problems and research at the edge of today's AI knowledge


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